1. Target Rings

1. The centre of the bullseye sits in the centre of the middle 2×10 [note that a 2×10 is actually 9 1/2 inches wide thereby making the centre 4 5/8″]:

1. Bullseye is 7″ in diameter;

2. Red (3 point ring) is 17″ inches in diameter;

3. Blue (1 point ring) is 27″ inches in diameter . See image 3.2-A below

2. The centre of the bullseye measures 63″ from the floor;

3. Left or right side boards may be mounted at varying heights on the backboard to keep knots away from point areas:

1. Sideboards are always mounted blank so their height position doesn’t affect the location of the Clutch or point areas.

Image 3.2-A

2. Clutches™*

1. The diameter of the Clutch is 2 inches;

2. The innermost edge of the Clutch sits 4 ¼ inches from the seam between the side and centre 2×10:

1. The centre of the Clutch is 5 ¼ inches in from the seam, and 40 ½ inches from base of target face board. That means the base of the Clutch 39 ½ from the base of the target face board. See image 3.2-B below

*Clutch: the term ‘Clutch’ is a registered trademark of BATL Global Corporation, used under license to the International Axe Throwing Federation and its members.

Image 3.2-B