1. Format and Seeding

1. Round 2 of the tournament is a double elimination tournament bracket. The rules and format of Round 2 matches continue using the Premier ruleset and scoring system also used to score Round 1.

2. These competitors are the top throwers from each organization as determined by Round 1.

3. The seeding within this round of the tournament is determined by the player’s performance in Round 1.

2. Round 1 of the IATC tournament will be held at all IATF organizations on one set day each year***:

2. Previous Year’s Champion

1. The winner of the previous year’s IATC tournament is guaranteed entry into Round 2 of the tournament, however, will still need to throw in Round 1 for seeding purposes.

3. Attendance

1. If a competitor is late for their first match and misses it, then they automatically forfeit that match and move to the “B” Bracket and their opponent will automatically advance to the next set of matches:

2. If the same competitor who missed their first match also misses their second match in the “B” bracket, they automatically forfeit that match and are eliminated from the tournament.