League playoffs are arranged as a double elimination tournament with a 16 player maximum size (there is no minimum size):

1. Double Elimination means players must lose twice to be eliminated from the tournament. The first loss will send a competitor into the B Bracket. The second loss will remove them from the bracket altogether.

2. The final match will always be between 1 undefeated competitor (who remained in A Bracket) and a competitor that has suffered 1 previous loss (the in-so-far winner of B Bracket):

1. This means the player entering with a previous loss must defeat the undefeated player in two full sets to constitute two losses.

3. Tournament rounds 1 through 6 of a 16 player playoff bracket are best 3 out of 5 rounds.

4. Tournament rounds 7 through to the finals of a 16 player playoff bracket are best 4 out of 7 rounds.

5. The top seeded competitor in each grouping of simultaneous players selected to play the next match has choice of the Half Arena they prefer for their match:

1. This does not refer to choice of Lane which is decided through Rock-Paper-Scissors or other randomizing method, as per usual.

The following images represent samples of a standard 16 person double elimination tournament bracket. The top image is the winners bracket (i.e. ‘A bracket’) and the bottom picture is the losers bracket (i.e. ‘B bracket’); the numbers below each column represent the sequence in which matches should be played.

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