1. Premier League Rules are the same as the standard league rules with the following exceptions:

1. Scoring

1. Rather than Majority rules scoring, in Premier league rules, each throw receives the point value for the lowest point area it is touching.

1. For example, that means that a player may only receive a bullseye if the axe 100% in a given point value and not crossing into another point area. If any of the axe blade (as measured on the surface of the target) crosses into a lower point area, the throw receives that lower point value. This logic follows for any throws crossing into more than one point area.

2. As per standard league rules, the paint ring counts as part of the higher point value.

2. Clutch

1. While standard clutch rules apply regarding how and when a clutch may be called within a match, in Premier Rules either an axe must come to rest with the blade breaking the top and bottom plane of the Clutch box found inside the Clutch circle ('breaking' these points is measured against the face boards of a target while the axe is at rest) for that throw to count for 7 points.

  1. If the axe has broken both these planes, this clutch attempt succeeds and the player scores 7 points.
  2. A Touch Clutch is scored like a Standard Clutch and counts for 5 points. See section

Premier Clutch Dimensions