Scoring during playoffs has a few variations when compared to regular season scoring; all other rules remain unchanged:

1. Players are allowed warm up throws prior to playoffs beginning and 3 practice throws before their first official match of the night.

1. There are no practice throws allowed once a player has completed their first match of the night, as per standard rules.

2. These 3 practice throws can be taken even if that particular player has a bye from the first round of competition and their opponent has no practice throws left.

2. Each round in a playoff match must have a winner:

1. If a round ends in a tie, it moves immediately to a Big Axe tiebreaker to determine the winner of the round:

1. Big Axe format and scoring during playoffs remains the same as regulation Big Axe scoring.

2. Players are allowed a single warm up throw prior to their first Big Axe tiebreaker within that playoff session.

3. During playoffs, total score is not relevant if a match becomes ‘out of reach’ (greater than a 7 point lead moving into the 5th throw, greater than a 13 point lead moving into the 4th throw) for the trailing player:

1. If a round is out of reach, play moves immediately to the next round, regardless of how many axes have been thrown in the round;

1. ie. it is the 5th axe of a round and Player A is up by 8 points, Player B cannot win, so the round is over and players progress to the next round (if necessary.)

2. If a match is out of reach regardless of how many rounds have been thrown in the match, the remainder of the match is not played:

1. ie. in a best 3 of 5 match, Player A has won the first 3 rounds, the final 2 rounds are not played as Player B cannot win the match.