1. Champions Points are awarded to players at the end of every Standard and Premier league season only, as summarized below, based on where they place at the end of regulation (Week 7) play:

1st place receives 16 points;

2nd place receives 15 points;

3rd place receives 14 points;

4th place receives 13 points;

5th place receives 12 points;

6th place receives 11 points;

7th place receives 10 points;

8th place receives 9 points;

9th place receives 8 points;

10th place receives 7 points;

11th place receives 6 points;

12th place receives 5 points;

13th place receives 4 points;

14th place receives 3 points;

15th place receives 2 points;

16th place receives 1 point.

2. Players are also awarded champions points based on how they finish in their playoff bracket at the end of each league season:

1st place receives 8 points;

2nd place receives 4 points;

3rd place receives 2 points;

4th place receives 1 point.

1. Tie Breaker

1. If two players are tied for Champions Points, then Total Score for the calendar year is used to determine the higher seed.

2. Transferring Leagues

1. A player may carry their points from one league to another if they switch leagues between venue, league color, or day of the week:

1. This can only happen one time without special approval from the IATF;

2. Any transfer of points from one IATF member organization to another must be approved by the IATF.

1. If a player throws in multiple leagues, they can only represent themselves once in the IATC tournament and may not be ranked in multiple qualifying positions:

1. The player will be selected to represent the league in which they have the highest amount of Champions Points:

1. A Player’s standing will be ignored for any additional leagues in which they participate.;

2. e.g. if a Player places in the top 4 in a second Standard league, or top 8 in a second Premier league, then they are omitted from the standings for that second league and their spot is assigned to the next eligible player, with the next eligible player moving in to qualification, etc.

** Please note; Due to the COVID-19 crisis, qualification from individual league seasons has been modified. Please keep an eye out for updates from the IATF.