1. Standard Match Format

1. Every regular season match outside of playoffs consists of 3 rounds:

2. Each round consists of 5 throws per player, per round;

3. Players must win 2 of 3 rounds to win the match;

1. In regulation competition players always throw all three rounds, regardless if one player has won the first two rounds, winning the match;

2. Tracking of total points over the course of 15 throws is mandatory in all regulation matches;

3. If a player wins a round and ties the other two rounds this is still considered a match win as they have won the plurality of the rounds in that match.

4. Players switch lanes between each round (after every 5 throws);

5. If players are tied in rounds won at the end of three rounds, a Big Axe tie breaker occurs to determine a winner. Ties in rounds won can occur if;

1. Each player has won 1 round, lost 1 round and tied 1 round;

2. Players have tied each of the three rounds.

3. Scoring breakdown for Big Axe Tiebreakers is found in Section 1.3.7

2. Scorekeeping

1. During league play, each player is responsible for relaying their scores accurately to the scorekeeper and their opponent.

1. A league runner may device any throw at any time to confirm its accuracy.

2. Each player must confirm the score of any throw spanning more than one point value with their opponent before relaying them to the scorekeeper.

1. If players cannot agree on the value of a throw, they must call for a third party measurement using the device.

3. A third party league member is encouraged to keep score during any given match, however, players are ultimately responsible for keeping track of which throw they are on within a round and how far along they are in a match.

4. Players may pause to check their score, throw number, or rounds won at any time during a match with the scorekeeper.