April 23, 2024

FAQs about the 2024 International Axe Throwing Championships in Toronto on June 12-16.

wilson cup round 2

How are venues allocated spots for IATC?

Every IATF Member Organization is guaranteed at least 1 spot at IATC. The rest of the available spots are divided by proportional league participation during the 2023-2024 League Qualification Season.

Do throwers with reserved bids in Round 2 of the Wilson Cup count towards the allocate spots for their venue?

No, these throwers are not included in the league play qualification pool at any qualifying club.

Are spots allocated to closed or lapsed member organizations? How many?

Yes. Their spots are calculated by league participation like the other venues.

If a thrower qualifies for Round 2 but chooses not to accept the invitation to register, can they register for Close But No Cigar?

Yes, as long as a thrower has participated in Round 1 and NOT registered for Round 2 they may register for Close But No Cigar.

How is Round 2 seeded?

Round 2 of the Wilson Cup is seeded based on Round 1 performance except for the Close But No Cigar winner who enters Round 2 in the 256th spot.

Why is Day 2 of Round 2 of the Wilson Cup only top 16 this year instead of the top 32?

In order to feature the diversity of IATC Tournaments on the Livestream, Round 2 Day 1 will play down to the top 16.

Do throwers who register for Round 2 of the Wilson Cup need to buy a Homecoming ticket?

No, Round 2 registration includes a ticket to Homecoming on Sunday. Homecoming solo tickets are for friends, family, and throwers who are not throwing in Round 2 or in a Final on Sunday.

Why hasn't the prize pool for the Wilson Cup increased if the price of registration has increased?

You can read more about the current state of the IATF in the letter from Matt Wilson, the commissioner.
We are working to make IATC a sustainable event and part of that is to bring the registration fees more inline with other events of this scale. The prize pools represent a typical proportion of the registration fees. Round 2 registration also includes a ticket to Homecoming this year.

As the IATF, and by extension IATC, continues to grow, we plan to engage with large scale sponsors who will allow us to lift the financial burden from the throwers to grow things like the prize pool.

We are so grateful for the continued support of our community and are looking forward to another awesome IATC!


iatc feature tournaments

Why are some tournaments at both BATL Stockyards and Port Lands?

Under 65, Doubles, Women's, and Close But No Cigar will run at both venues simultaneously to maximize tournament size. The finals of those tournaments will run on Sunday at Pickering during Homecoming with the exception of CBNC whose finals will be on Saturday at Port Lands before Round 2 begins.

If I am throwing in the Doubles and Women's Tournaments, will I be at the same venue for both? Will I have to travel between venues?

We will do our best to keep throwers at the same venue for same day tournaments. There is plenty of time in the schedule between tournaments should you need to travel between Stockyards and Port Lands.

Which tournaments will use which rulesets?

Under 55, Big Axe, and Doubles will be played with the Standard ruleset. Under 65, Women's and Close But No Cigar will be played with the Premier ruleset.

How are the Feature Tournaments seeded?

The IATC Feature Tournaments are seeded randomly.

What is the Big Axe tie breaker?

More Big Axe 'sudden death' Premier rules.

How are averages for Under 65 and Under 55 calculated?

Qualifying averages are your 12 month average at the end of the League Qualification Period on March 9, 2024. Premier and Standard can be converted be adding or subtracting 10 as necessary. Unsure if you qualify? Email us at info@iatf.com.


If the Under 65 Tournament is Premier, why does my Premier average need to be under 55?

Historically, the Under 65 tournament has been played with the Standard ruleset. Because one of the goals of the IATF is to foster the development of throwers at all levels, we hope to challenge the throwers participating in this tournament.

Competitors at IATC represent the highest level of play across the Federation and all of the tournaments reflect that. The targeted throwers for this tournament have not changed, so we didn't adjust the qualification criteria.


If I won an invitation to an IATC Feature Tournament by winning an Under tournament at a Major or Grand Slam but my average has increased above 55 Premier, am I still guaranteed a spot in the Under 55 or Under 65 Tournament at IATC?

Throwers who won reserved spots in IATC tournaments through the tournament circuit will be placed in a comparable tournament that is also appropriate to their skill level. That may mean someone whose average has risen since they won an Under 65 tournament several months ago may be a better fit for the Close But No Cigar tournament.

Can I still register for Under 55 or Under 65 if I haven't thrown in the previous season?

If you haven't thrown in over a year, we will consider your most recent average.

Do I need to have participated in an IATF league this year to register for the IATC Feature Tournaments?

There is no qualification criteria for Women's, Big Axe, or Doubles. Anyone can register and participate.

What are the events for the Global Showdown Qualifier?

Details about the Skills tournament can be found here.

Can I transfer my tournament registration? How?

Ticket holders who have found a seller are requested to email info@iatf.com with their ticket order confirmation number, and the contact information for the thrower who is taking the ticket (name, email, and AxeScores ID). Both throwers will receive a confirmation email once the transfer is complete.

clutch community volunteers

Can I volunteer at a tournament I am throwing in?

You can, however preference will be given to volunteers who are not throwing in that tournament.

If I am in Round 2 and do not advance to the Finals on Sunday, am I able to scorekeep?

Yes, though we will give preference to volunteers who did not participate in Round 2. There are opportunities to scorekeep for the finals of Under 65, Doubles, and Women's on Sunday as well.


What is included in the swag bags?

Cool merch from IATF venues, vendors, and sponsors including 81 Axes, LumberJaxs Tamworth, Patient Zero, Throwing It Forward, and more!


How long will my shift be?

The maximum volunteer shift length is 5 hours, with a break. Most shifts will be shorter as the end of the pool play portion dramatically reduces the number of scorekeepers needed. The more volunteers sign up, the shorter the shifts can be!

Do I have to scorekeep all day at Homecoming?

No! We will need the most volunteers at the start of the day when Round 2 Day 2 kicks off. As the morning progresses, we will need far fewer scorekeeprs. The more volunteers sign up, the shorter the shifts will be for everyone!


Still have questions? Email us at info@iatf.com.