June 12, 2022

Throwers from all over the world came to throw at IATC 2022 and 32 have risen to the top. They’ll go head to head today (Sunday, June 12) at 11 am for their chance to win the IATF Wilson Cup! We had some great throwers come out to compete this year so we are overjoyed to announce the top 32 of everyone who came out to compete.

The final 32 for IATC 2022 are:


Andrew Blouin
Austin Agosti
Cameron Dubrow
Colin Blyth
Dave Alviso
David Cycon
David Mewett
Jeff Yateman
Julio Rayneri
Kimmy Supnet
Kurtis Adkins
Mark Tishko
Mason Wong
Matthew Kramer
Moira Girard
Nick Kolomyja


Brandon McClester
Christopher Rios
Cooper Rogers
Ernest Brian Henze Starling
Jason Burrill
John Bradley
Jonathan Morgan
Kyle Fornet
Makita French
Matthew Colavecchia
Michael Kump
Mike Cowle
Rander Marquez
Sam Haldeman
Scott Brown
Simon Arseneault

If you have a Homecoming ticket you can watch the Finals in person at BATL Pickering! We still have tickets available and it includes access to the axe throwing party of the year, Homecoming!

You can also stream the event from wherever you are on our YouTube channel! No matter where you are today, you can get in on the action at IATC 2022!

Still have questions? Email us at info@iatf.com.