Challenge throwers from other IATF organizations around the world, check your thrower performance, view global rankings and see your CRS rating.



Search the Player Lobby for someone to challenge - use their AxeScores nickname or ‘spin’ the roulette wheel for a random match-up. Connect with other players to arrange remote matches.


Challenge other players from anywhere. Your at-home target just got more valuable! Score your entire match within the app. Video and chat built-in. All matches are IATF league rules.


Players stats, CRS and Global Rankings are all available. Easily see how you stack up against the competition.


Add your photo to your profile (plus a short bio and your home league) - let people know exactly who they are up against.


Challenge other players remotely and play matches around the world.

How do I start a match?

Find an opponent through search, chat, or roulette. Select the thrower and click the green "Send Challenge" button. Once you and the thrower have accepted the challenge, the match screen will launch and you’ll be able to see your opponent.

How do I login?

The AxeScores App is connected to your AxeScores login, so that matches you throw remotely can be included in your CRS rating.

How do I login?

The AxeScores App is connected to your AxeScores login, so that matches you throw remotely can be included in your CRS rating.

How do I score a match?

Accepting a challenge will automatically launch the match in question in the app, activating your microphone and camera so that you may video chat with your opponent while you play and verify your scores as you throw. A target cross-section will be represented on the screen for you to mark your scores as the match progresses, matches are played based on standard IATF league rules. At the end of each round you’ll be asked to verify your scores before proceeding to the next.

How do I change a score if it was input incorrectly?

Scores may be changed by clicking on the throw in question and altering the result. This must be done before verifying the scores at the end of the round.

How do I find a friend who is online?

Login to the AxeScores App and click on the menu in the top left corner. From there choose Players Lobby and click on the Online option. This will show you all the throwers who are currently online.

How do I pick an opponent?

You can pick your opponent via three different methods. You can a) choose a thrower who is online from the Online screen in the Players Lobby, b) search for a thrower using their AxeScores nickname in Search, or c) choose Roulette and spin the wheel to be matched up with a random thrower. Please note, challenging a thrower does not necessarily guarantee that they will accept your match request.

Does this count toward my throwing stats?

Yes, it does - at half the scoring weight of regular league play. Example: Thrower A and Thrower B are using the AxeScores App. Thrower A wins the match and would normally collect 8 CRS points for their win and Thrower B would lose 8 CRS points for their loss in regular league play, however, because they were using the app, Thrower A collects 4 points for their win and Thrower B loses 4 points.

Where can I get assistance?

Please see our Facebook group at Axescores App Facebook User Group.

Does this cost anything to use?

There is no download or usage fee for the app. In the future we will add new features to the app that will require a subscription

Can anyone download this app?

The IATF AxeScores App can be used by anyone who has an AxeScores login.

Where can I provide feedback for improvements / changes?

Please join the facebook group at Axescores App Facebook User Group. We monitor it daily.

How does AxeScores App Remote Matches & your CRS rating work?

The Remote Matches feature on the new AxeScores App is designed to allow players to go head-to-head when they are not physically together. We recognize this is a new approach to throwing.

Based on player feedback since launch we want to further explain why “gaming the system” or “padding your ranking” are not a concern as some people might initially think (“throwing from my couch” / “making up fake throwers to play against” / “playing tons of matches”)

Here’s why this won’t work:

All scores need to be verified by both players at the end of each round and at the end of the match. Further, all matches automatically have video chat open once the challenge has been accepted. You can verify your opponent’s scores as they throw by simply asking them to zoom the phone to the target or requesting a better angle of their throw. So sure, if you have someone who wants to lose to you consistently to pad your score, then you’ve cleared one hurdle. But there are more hurdles:

CRS is an ‘intelligent’ rating system. It learns from players' history.

New players ratings are not factored into their opponents ratings until their ratings have normalized after playing a significant number of matches. This is the case with any new league member. Their matches don’t affect their rating until we have enough matches to understand what type of thrower they are consistently. Meaning, creating a fake player to play against will have no effect on ratings for a significant period of time as the system learns what kind of thrower they are.
Playing the same lower-rated player repeatedly (like a “fake profile”) will have little to no effect on one’s rating. The CRS expects the higher-rated player to win; if that happens, little adjustment occurs.
Playing significantly more matches (which would be needed to pad your ranking) will be ‘flagged’ within the ranking system and reviewed for legitimacy.
Different scoring results and trends in remote match stats vs in-league match stats will be easily identified by the system and reviewed for legitimacy.
In addition to these hurdles above that will severely limit suspicious or fictitious matches, the IATF will be specifically tracking remote matches and outcomes by individual players, including changes in ranking:

How many matches are played remote vs in-league
Number of matches against same player
Change in CRS for remote matches only
Comparisons on in-league scoring vs remote match scoring
Exceptions from the norm will be highlighted for review by IATF.

There will be consequences for users who break the social contract with regard to fair play.

Weighting of Remote Matches in CRS

Remote match games are given ½ weight on ranking because these matches are scored on your own (no referee & supervision) and no pressure of an audience. League matches are scored higher than this but lower than tournament matches because they are scored by a third party, with no referee and smaller audience. Tournament matches are scored higher than league matches because they have referees and larger audiences, and they increase in value based on pressure and size. We believe this is aligned to our existing scoring approach. We will continue to review this as we establish history and experience, as we normally would any change to CRS.

We always welcome feedback from players on social or on the AxeScores App User Group

To learn more about the CRS check it out on here