June 12, 2022

Homecoming is tomorrow! We are all getting ready for a day full of Axe throwing Champions and a night celebrating axes with our great community! We want to make sure everyone is prepared and has a fun night at homecoming so here are a few details to ensure things go smoothly for everyone.


Between COVID throwing wrenches in many of the best laid plans, and all the events happening in Toronto this weekend, we have been working very hard to secure buses to help transport players, fans and partiers back into Toronto’s Union Station at the end of a great night!

We’re please to say that with the help of our sponsors, Liquid Death, Woodhouse Ales, Beyond the Pale, Sandbagger, and White Claw, we have secured transportation back from Pickering to Union Station! Make sure you thank them by visiting them on site!

Buses will pick guests up from the BATL Pickering venue to Toronto’s Downtown Union Station at multiple intervals throughout the night. Each bus can accommodate up to 50 passengers, to a maximum of 200 people.

If you plan to take public transportation back to where you’re staying Sunday night, these should help make the trip a little easier.

Buses will depart Pickering at 9 pm, 9:30 pm, 11:00 pm and 11:30 pm sharp. Please plan accordingly.


This whole sport started in backyards and cottages across our countries and as die-hard throwers, some light rain could never stop our throwing. In the same spirit, the IATC event and party will happen rain or shine!

For spectators who cannot find space inside the venue we have you ‘covered’ as well! The outdoor lot has large tents and canopy’s setup for protection and comfort! And, the event will be LIVE-STREAMED on the many TV’s setup under those very tents to make sure you don’t miss a second of the competition.

Luckily the forecast only calls for some showers through the day on Sunday, but we do suggest you pack and dress according to the weather and your comfort.

To check the weather for the Pickering area on Sunday, check the link below:


You are permitted to bring bags and backpacks to the Homecoming Party. You may want to pack an extra pair of socks, etc. in case you get wet.


We’re happy to run a pet friendly event so please feel free to bring your dog’s to Homecoming if you would like, but they must remain in the outdoor areas and be on a leash at all times.

Of course, as a responsible pet owner you are responsible for their behavior, their safety and their mess. Please be sure to bring waste bags, and bowls for your furry friends. We do have free water on site and we’re more than happy to share with your pups.


Make sure to have your ticket ready for when you arrive at the event! Tickets will be still be available all the way up to the start of the event, so if you haven’t got yours and decided you want to attend, grabs yours here:

We unfortunately cannot accept CASH for tickets at the door, so please be prepared.


The 32 players who have progressed to this final championship must enter through the BATL Pickering front entrance to get checked in and ready to throw!

All other spectators and homecoming ticket holders must proceed around the back to the gated lot to enter.


We’re beyond excited to join you for a great day and night of drinks, fun, axe throwing, party games, ice cream and so much more! It has been a great weekend of competition so far, and we can’t wait to get together and celebrate the finals with all of you.

Still have questions? Email us at info@iatf.com.