February 7, 2023

IATF AxeScores App 2.0

The AxeScores App Version 2.0 has now been submitted and will be available for all players over the next few days. Please check your app stores for the update.  In addition, we've updated and improved a number of functions within the AxeScores platform, as well as addressed some key bug fixes.

As part of the IATF's ongoing commitment to its players, members and the sport of axe throwing, we are always looking to improve the experience in everything we do.  This includes regular fixes and updates to the stats tracking platform and tools that support excellence in competition.

Remember, if you find any bugs, issues or have suggestions on how to improve the AxeScores experience, we've introduced a new method for improving your experience.  We now use a platform called Upvoty which lets you submit, and vote on the features and bugs that are the highest priority to you. Please visit us at https://iatf.upvoty.com/ and make your feedback shine.

Update Notes

  • AxeScores App v2.0 Release Date: Monday February 6, 2023
    • We've re-platformed the application code-base to make future updates easier.
    • The update resolves a current login problem some users experience, particularly Samsung users.
    • Navigation within the app has been improved.
    • The remote matches feature has been retired. This feature was seldom used and was costly to maintain.
    • In order to comply with certain privacy legislation, we've included a method for players to permanently delete their account.
  • AxeScores Admin
    • Issues resolved in January
      • Playoff stats were not appearing as expected, specifically number of playoff losses and big axe playoff stats
      • In testing, leading up to Regionals, some issues were identified due to the rosters of non-standard size. These were prioritized to allow the tournaments to run smoothly
        • The bracket appeared to not advance players from tournament pools larger than 4 players 
        • The tournament forfeit option was not working as expected
        • Accommodating the non-standard roster sizes
    • Bugs addressed in the Monday February 6 release
      • Rarely, playoffs would not load or names would appear as MISSING
      • Premier, Recreational and Youth leagues were not options to assign a waiver and did not appear on the Admin Dash page
      • Introducing match-end validation to prevent extra rounds and throws

Still have questions, found a bug or want to make a suggestion for AxeScores? Connect with us at https://iatf.upvoty.com/ but you can also always reach out to us at info@IATF.com