March 4, 2022

The End of an Era 

Ian Christensen has been a key player in the growth of the sport of axe throwing and the IATF for the last 10 years. It is no exaggeration to say that the sport would not be where it is without his 110% effort, insight, energy, and heart.

So it is a bittersweet moment for everyone at the IATF to wish him well as he moves on from his role in the IATF today to take on an exciting new opportunity in his career.

Ian, thank you for putting your heart and soul into every day with the IATF, and congratulations on this well-earned, new opportunity. We love you buddy.

This isn't goodbye though, you may see Ian helping out at future IATF events.

As we shed a tear wishing Ian well, we also have the joy of announcing that Tom Black will be returning to the IATF in the Senior Manager role on March 21st.

Chris and Matt are managing things for the IATF and Ian will be supporting Tom’s onboarding process later this month.