November 4, 2020

Due to the impacts of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the IATF is amending plans for IATC 2021.  Uncertainties around safe travel; regulations on physical distancing with large groups/events; and the US / Canada border closure, all needed to be considered - and would have made an event similar to 2020 almost impossible given the circumstances we all have today.  

Our goal is to host IATC in late spring or early summer 2021 instead of in February (the weather will be better anyway, eh?). We are hopeful that this will provide extra time to resolve some of the pandemic related impacts noted above.

In terms of event location, at this point we’re planning to hold IATC in Toronto. There are multiple venues within reasonable proximity, which is a strong option being considered to manage potential requirements for physical distancing. We will continue to assess all options as things develop.  

Impacts and changes in the pandemic from now going forward will influence how we make this happen - and we will keep members and players updated on progress and plans.  

Look for updates about IATC 2021 on starting next week. Stay safe.

IATC 2021 Qualification Paths

A Look Back at IATC 2020 Qualification

Last year, for IATC 2020, there were four qualification paths to IATC Round 1:

  1. Win a Regional tournament
  2. The 70 Rule - Compete in IATF leagues and register 3 non-concurrent seasons with an average of 70 or better
  3. The Top 4 Rule - Compete in IATF leagues and end the year in a league’s top 4 ranked by most Champs Points earned in one league
  4. Win a Wild Card tournament

A player can only qualify by ONE path.  Qualifying by one path would remove a player from further consideration in subsequent paths; meaning, for example, a player who might have qualified under both the 70 Rule and the Top 4 Rule would be removed from the consideration of the Top 4 Rule, allowing another player to qualify in their place under the Top 4 Rule.

IATC 2021 Qualification

The pandemic has forced the IATF to adapt the qualification paths for IATC 2021. League play has been severely impacted by the pandemic with many organizations only having been able to run limited seasons through 2020. 

The four paths will remain in place, with some changes:

  1. Win a Regional Tournament - The IATF will run Regional tournaments ahead of IATC 2021, so this path remains the same.
  2. The 70 Rule - The 70 Rule remains as a qualification path, however, the reality is that many players likely did not have the opportunity to play three non-concurrent seasons this year.
  3. The Top 4 Rule - Because ~84% of leagues were unable to complete more than two seasons and to provide more opportunity to qualify for IATC 2021, the Top 4 Rule will be relaxed this year to allow for the top 4 players, ranked by most Champs Points, from every league season to advance to IATC 2021 Round 1. This will mean that more players have the opportunity to qualify for Round 1.
  4. Wild Card Tournaments - The IATF will run Wild Card tournaments ahead of IATC 2021, so this path remains the same.

At this time, all league play in 2020 will count. We are currently not planning to extend the league calendar year, even though IATC is held later in the year.  The rationale is that extending the 2020 league year would potentially negatively impact the 2021 season.