June 27, 2024

The LaFace of the Community award goes to a member of the community selected by the community for their contributions to axe throwing and for exemplifying the best of IATF ideals. The recipients of this award is a community member who leads by example to create a positive and supportive competitor-friendly community. They promote positive sportsperson-like behaviour and are leaders in our community. Not all leaders lead from the front and a deserving person might be working diligently behind the scenes to make axe throwing the best sport and the best community it can be.

Winners of the 2024 LaFace Awards:

Chloe "Feisty" Lyttle

from Battle Axe Throwing

Here's what the community had to say about Chloe:

"Chloe is one of the most community focused people I have ever met. She is always striving to make sure the venue she runs with her partner is a happy, comfortable and safe place for anyone to come and have a throw. She is always actively looking for ways to make the throwing community she has helped create be a fun and exciting place to be a part of; dedicating so much time and effort... to make sure that the leagues and events that are run go smoothly and are a blast to be in. She is such an amazing hard worker when it comes to the axe throwing community, not afraid to say her opinion... and fighting to help the community be able to keep growing when we are so far away from the majority of throwers."

"Chloe has spent her life in axe throwing working to build community, engage newer throwers in the sport, and lift up everyone around her. There are so many of us that wouldn't be throwing today if it weren't for Chloe. She goes out of her way to make everyone feel welcome. In a sport that features a majority of male players, Chloe works tirelessly to make sure people of all genders feel just as much a part of the community as anyone else. I've witnessed her stand up to bullies when necessary... She leads by example and it's easy to see her positive impact in axe throwing communities around Australia and the world."

"Chloe Lyttle is a fun-loving, friendly, and welcoming member of Battle Axe Wollongong. She is extremely dedicated and always goes above and beyond for her community. Chloe always makes sure to always have time to help the members of her community, whether it's assisting people to learn or achieve their goals. Anytime someone is unsure of their ability she is always by their side to cheer them on and encourage them. Whenever someone wants to try a new throwing technique she will always watch and give advice if they need/want it. Chloe is extremely passionate about axe-throwing and is the most community-driven person I have ever met. Even when she is unwell she will come into the venue to get work done, check on everyone, and make sure everything is running smoothly. She has built such a strong and trusting community at Battle Axe Wollongong, it is a safe space for so many people. She works hard both from the front when running nights, always promoting sportsperson-like behaviour. As well as behind the scenes as an example; when themed events are on, she will always hand draw on the boards to make special games for the community.

Joey "The Hat" Nessler

from Chopper's Hatchet House

Photo credit: Matt Traino

Here's what the community had to say about Joey:

"Joey is the epitome of community support. He both supports and develops creativity within the axe throwing world. Each time a new game or skill is brought in, he fully supports the spread of that knowledge and fun. “Take this back to your home venue” he says. And we do! This helps nurture the growth of the community through fun that is outside of the same old competitive premier/standard format."

"Joe not only wears many hats at Choppers (no pun intended) helping out with organizing two of the biggest tournaments in the IATF Circuit (Countess Cup and Choptober), but he is the man behind the Perfect Game Challenge Coins. He has single-handedly started something incredible that has brought the community together and given throwers something to strive for when it comes to getting their perfect game(s) whether it be a Standard, Premier, or Big Axe 81. Joe in my mind deserves this award more than anyone else and I’m not the only one that thinks that!"

"...he just is the community, he never stops serving this community with love and support and guidance for everyone worldwide!"

"Always there to lend a helping hand and the father of the axe throwing challenge coin..."

47 different community members were nominated, and over 550 people voted to award this year's LaFace of the Community Award.