November 1, 2022

It's almost time for the 2023 IATF Regional Tournaments! Across the world, players will gather on Jan 29, 2023 to compete for prize money and coveted spots in the 2023 IATC (International Axe Throwing Championships) Round 2 of the Wilson Cup.


The fee to register is $80 USD, and 50% of all registration fees collected for each tournament will go towards the prize pools for each tournament.  Each tournament will have a prize pool payout for the top 8 throwers. And, as described in this earlier update, the first place finishers will receive an automatic spot in the 2023 Round 2 of the Wilson Cup*.

*Automatic qualification to Round 2 of the Wilson cup is only available to throwers who have completed an IATF sanctioned league season by Jan 28th 2023.


Are you ready to compete for the glory? No matter where you are on January 29, 2022, you can secure your spot for one of these tournaments. Click the links below to choose your region and follow the links to signup.

IATF Regions Graphic

These are the nine regions in the IATF as of Oct 2022


We also wanted to be the first to wish you all the best of luck in these tournaments, and we can't wait to see you at the 2023 IATC - International Axe Throwing Championships.