March 23, 2022

Congratulations to the players who have qualified for IATC Round 1. A complete list of all qualifying players is available here and on the IATF website Tournaments page.

Tournament Timing and Location

IATC Round 1 will take place at participating IATF member venues on Friday April 8 - Sunday April 10, 2022.

Players should contact their local IATF member venue to get the date and time of the local event and to let them know they plan to attend.

Registration for IATC Round 1 is $30.

Tournament Format

IATC Round 1 is a throw-in format. Players should expect to throw the equivalent of five matches (75 axes) and 15 big axes. The tournament is scored using Premier rules. Clutches are live every fifth throw, but not required for the first 75 axes. Clutches are live, but not required, for all the big axe throws.

Confirmation of Scores

Players can and should confirm their scores are recorded accurately on AxeScores with the scorekeeper, both during the competition and following the conclusion of their throwing. A player’s scores are not intended to be kept secret from the player. Players should consider whether they want to avoid sharing their scores publicly until after all players have completed IATC Round 1.

IATF Member Representation in IATC Round 2

As always, each IATF member organization will send a proportion of the 256 players advancing to IATC Round 2. This proportion is based on each member organization’s league participation during the qualifying period. This year, as a COVID accommodation, league participation since January 2019 is also included in order to more fairly balance representation. This decision was made last year to account for COVID closures outside of the control of the IATF member organizations. The IATF is working with all of its member organizations to determine the number of advancing players allotted to each organization. Advancing players earmarked for member organizations that decline to send players will be redistributed. This information will be made available, once verified and confirmed, next week.

Determining the Advancing Players

Following the completion of IATC Round 1, all competing players’ scores will be ranked within their qualifying IATF member organization to determine who will advance to IATC Round 2.

The ranking within each IATF member organization is determined by the total score from the first 75 axes, and ties are broken by the total score from the big axes. Further ties are broken by players’ match average during the qualification period (January 1, 2020 to March 11, 2022). In the event players are still tied, the tie will be broken by the players’ CRS rating at March 11, 2022.

Seeding for the IATC Round 2 Bracket

Seeding for the 256 players advancing to IATC Round 2 is determined by the players’ performance in IATC Round 1. The same tie breaking criteria, listed above, will be applied: total score from the first 75 axes, total score from the big axes, qualifying period player match average, CRS at Match 11, 2022.

IATC Round 2 Info

IATC Round 2 is a double elimination, Premier rules tournament that will be held in Toronto, Canada. The tournament will begin Saturday June 11, with the IATC Finals taking place Sunday June 12, 2022. The itinerary for the event is available here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I compete in IATC Round 1 at an IATF venue other than where I qualified?

A: Yes. You can compete at any IATF venue hosting an IATC Round 1 event. Please contact the host venue to let them know you plan to attend their event.

Q: Can I compete in IATC Round 1 on a date before April 8 or after April 10?

A: No. IATC Round 1 is the first leg of the IATC tournament. All qualifiers must compete at an IATC Round 1 host venue between Friday April 8 and Sunday April 10.

Q: Do I have to throw for clutch every fifth axe of the 75 axes?

A: No. Clutches can be called, but the decision to throw for clutch is for the player to make.

Q: Do I have to throw for clutch on every big axe throw?

A: No. Clutches can be called, but the decision to throw for clutch is for the player to make.