Axe throwing is a sport that upholds the values of healthy competition and community. As a participant in IATF leagues, tournaments, activities, and online forums, it is everyone’s responsibility including your own to exhibit consideration and respect: respect for each other, respect for safety, respect for the rules, and respect for decisions made by axe throwing officials.

Discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental ability, or religious beliefs will not be tolerated. We must all be actively anti-racist: standing by in silence is also unacceptable.

Examples of other negative behavior that will not be tolerated include:

  • disregard for facility rules, regulations of the sport, or the role of officials.
  • abusive or inappropriate verbal, written, or physical actions.
  • harassment or violence.
  • aggressive or dangerous behavior which could affect the safety of you or another.

If you have experienced or are aware of any of these behaviors, report to your organization’s leadership providing as much detail as possible regarding the incident, including:

  • your name and home venue.
  • time and location of incident.
  • names of participants (both active and observers).
  • threat or language used.
  • response taken.

The International Axe Throwing Federation and its member organizations reserve the right to enforce the above Code of Conduct with possible elimination or suspension from competition and removal from facilities in cases where the above stated conduct is contravened.