March 4, 2022

This tournament will use a Pool Play format rather than a Double Elimination. The tournament starts with a Group Stage, where players are divided into groups of 4 and play everyone in their Group once, totaling three matches within their Group in a best 3 rounds out of 5 match format before any elimination takes place. Once all Group Stage matches are complete the top 2 from each Group move onto a single elimination tournament bracket. That means that every competitor will have a minimum of 3 matches with their registration fee.

The Close but No Cigar tournament is open to anyone that DID NOT make it into Round 2 of the IATC. If you qualified for Round 1 but did not make it to the final stage of IATC, or if you did not qualify for Round 1 of the IATC but want to compete against some of the best in the world in Toronto, this tournament is for you! Players that made it into Round 2 of the IATC are NOT eligible.

Up to 32 players will compete for a prize pool of $1600 using the IATF Standard Ruleset (“majority-in” bullseyes and “break-paint” clutches) and Pool Play format at BATL Port Lands. The tournament will take place on June 10th with registration at 1:00 pm, the tournament starting at 2:00 pm and then finishing at 5:00 pm.

Registration cost: $80.00 + taxes and fees per person.

Doubles Tournament Details

  • Hosted at BATL Port Lands
  • 1:00 pm registration and practice.
  • 2:00 pm Tournament start
  • 5:00 pm finish.
  • $1600 prize pool.

Prize Pool

The Close but No Cigar tournament will have a prize pool of $1600 for the event.

  • 1st: $800
  • 2nd: $450
  • 3rd: $250
  • 4th: $100