April 1, 2022

After a two year hiatus, the Challenger Series is extremely grateful to be able to present the third installment of Team Canada vs Team U.S.A.: Battle for the Van Os Vase. The IATF is excited to include this event in the official itinerary of IATC 2022 events.

This time we are back, BIGGER AND BETTER THAN EVER, with an all new, 2-part event format that will truly showcase the best players from each country competing against each other in a series of fun and unique events.

For the first time ever, a qualifying round, where you can earn your place on a team, will be run on the evening of Friday, June 10th at BATL Portlands, after the conclusion of the “Close But No Cigar” Tournament.

The Team Canada vs Team U.S.A Finals will be held on Sunday June 12th at BATL Pickering; after the conclusion of the IATC Finals.

In the Qualification Round, players will compete in three skills events against their compatriots for a chance to represent their country. The three events are Underhand, Ambidextrous, and the Kitchen Sink (a mix of 1½ Rotation, 2 Rotation & Big Axe throws). The top scorers from each skills event will advance to either Team Canada or Team U.S.A.

Team Canada and Team U.S.A will compete in the Finals in a variety of brand new and classic Challenger Series events, including individual and team games that are sure to be out of this world; now is the time to sharpen your skills!

Not from Canada or America? You can still qualify and represent your country in the Qualifying Round, and individual Finals events. If you throw well enough to qualify, we will slot you onto either Team Canada or Team U.S.A. depending on preference/availability.

The $50 entry fee includes guaranteed participation in all three qualifying events (Underhand, Ambidextrous, and The Kitchen Sink), the chance to represent your country in the Finals, and an official Team T-shirt!

Tickets will be available for purchase Wed April 6 at 12:00 pm EDT through EventBrite.

Registration cost: $50.00 + taxes and fees per person.

Registration includes a Team T-Shirt of your choice.

Qualifying Round

  • Fri June 10
  • BATL Port Lands 
  • 5:00 pm Registration
  • 6:00 - 10:00 pm Qualifying Round
  • Venue capacity does not allow for spectators at this event

Each player will compete in three Qualifying Round events:

  • Underhand
    • 20 underhand throws

  • Ambidextrous

    • 20 ambidextrous throws (40 axes total)

  • The Kitchen Sink

    • 20 total throws

      • ten, 1½-Rotation throws

      • five, 2-Rotation throws

      • five Big Axe throws


  • Sun June 12
  • BATL Pickering 
  • 4:00 pm Finals, following IATC 2022 Finals
  • Homecoming tickets include spectator admission for this event, subject to venue capacity

The Finals will see two 20-person teams compete in a series of individual and team based skills events. Expect  the unexpected! The team that accumulates the most points during the competition is crowned the champion, taking home the coveted Van Os Vase.


Q: Do I have to be qualified for Round 2 of IATC to compete?
A: No, qualifying is open to anyone and everyone, regardless of their status for IATC.

Q: I am neither Canadian nor American can I still compete?
A: Yes, you can be a citizen of another country and still compete. If you throw well enough to qualify, we will slot you onto either Team Canada or Team U.S.A. depending on preference/availability.

Q: I can’t throw Ambidextrous/Underhand, can I only sign up for one skill?
A: Unfortunately, due to tournament format we are not able to allow sign-ups for individual skills, you have to sign up for all of them. Don’t worry though since all qualifying events are independent of each other, having a bad score in one event will not impact your ability to qualify for the other events.

Q: Can you explain more on how qualification works?
A: You will throw 20 throws in each qualifying event, with each event having a maximum score of 108 (216 for Ambi). Your score in that event will be compared against everyone else’s and the top scores from each country will move on to create the 20 member teams.

Q: What happens if I qualify for multiple Events?
A: If you throw scores high enough to earn a team spot in multiple events, your spot will be earned via whichever event you scored highest. For the other event, your spot will be passed down to the next person on the leaderboard.